Karnali River

Nepal's longest and largest river, the Karnali, springs forth from the base of Mt. Kailash in Tibet, the center of the universe for both the Buddhist and Hindu religions. As it carves its path south through the Himalaya it forms the major drainage system of the western districts. Shortly after the starting point at the village of Sauli, the river drops into imposing scarcely populated canyons filled with powerful white water rapids and remote pristine beaches. One of the finest BIG volume river trips in the world, the Karnali provides a classic expedition int o Nepal's remote, unpopulated, "Wild West".
Towards the end of the trip as the river gradient begins to ease and the jungle thickens the Karnali leaves the mountains and flows out into the Gangetic plains of the Terai.

Difficulty 4 / 5
From Sauli to Chisapani
Distance 180 km
River Days 7
From KTM 2
Av. Gradient 20 ft per mile

Best Season Oct-Dec, Feb-May
One of the finest rafting and kayaking trips in the Himalayas. Spectacular, remote, jungle-clad canyons with abundant wildlife. Rafters need no previous experience.
This is a great river for the advanced kayaker. Rapids are pool-drop with spectacular surfing. If you are an advanced intermediate contact us and inquire about a personal kayak instructor / guide.

A Pre-departure meeting is held the evening prior to your departure at our Kathmandu sales office, 6pm
DAY 01: 7.a.m. departure. Drive Surkhet. Hotel
DAY 02: Drive as far as the road goes. Trek in the afternoon to the put in - load rafts, camp.
Day 03,04,05: Enter and negotiate the jungle corridors of the Karnali. Continuous white water rapids - photo opportunities - great action - breath taking scenery.
DAY 06: Rest day, time to enjoy your surroundings, relax on a beautiful sandy beach or trek into a remote village.
DAY 07-08: Drift by the confluence of the Seti river and travel toward the Indian planes.
DAY 09: Raft / kayak to take out, Chisopani. Fly or drive Nepalganj / KTM. Arrive KTM
Day 10: Overland drive arrive KTM.

Jungle Safari in Bardia National Park at the end (if interested).